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Where:      Chancellor Park Vet Surgery

Cost:          $100.00

Duration:   4 Classes over 4 weeks 

What to bring: Flat collar & lead, treats eg: small bag chicken, cheese or kibble.


Puppy must have had 1st Vaccination 


Week One: Body language, getting attention - mat training (stay command, crate training) - supervised play - preventing food aggression

Week Two: Recall, toilet training, handling your dog, supervised play, leaving your dog behind.

Week Three: Adult dog visiting, loose lead walking, relaxation techniques, supervised play, environmental enrichment.

Week Four: obedience review, off leash play, life time diet, health check schedule, clicker training - GRADUATION! 


Why puppies need puppy preschool 

Puppy preschool is a must for any owner wanting a well-behaved and sociable dog. Misbehaviour  such as chewing, jumping up on owners and barking for attention may seem very cute coming from  your adorable little puppy, but if these behaviours are allowed to continue into your dog's adult life, they can become very large issues.

It is always much easier to nip these naughty behaviours in the bud while the dog is still  young, rather than trying to fix them once the animal is all grown up.

Puppy classes are designed for dogs between the ages of 8 to 16 weeks and provide a safe environment for the puppy to begin to socialise with other dogs. Class sizes vary, but are usually kept small to ensure that the instructor is able to spend ample time with each puppy and their owners. The course is run over a  4 week period and is based around positive-reinforcement training practices.                                                                                   

Benefits from attending puppy preschool result in puppies which are:


  • Socialised and interact better with people and other dogs

  • More secure and confident within themselves and their surroundings

  • Part of your family pack and respect the boundaries set for them.

 For more information please Dora at our clinic on 5445 5288


Puppy Preschool Graduation December 2019