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Making the decision to have your pet put to sleep can be one of the most difficult decisions for a pet owner to make. Here at Chancellor Park Vet Surgery we understand how much pets are part of your family and that this time can be very upsetting for you. Knowing what to expect in clinic can help alleviate any stress that naturally occurs. Should you feel that you would like to also discuss any of these details further, please feel free to call us.

When you call to book your appointment with us, we will try our best to arrange this at a time when the clinic is not too busy so as to ensure your privacy during this time. Sometimes, however, this isn't possible as it may not be a time that suits you and your family. While on the phone you will be asked to pick up some medication to give to your pet 2-3 hours before coming to the clinic to assist in keeping them calm and ensuring the process is as stress-free as possible for both them and you. We strongly recommend this for every animal even if they are normally happy and calm in clinic. Occasionally, further sedation is still needed on arrival at the clinic and if this is the case we are happy to give this.

When you arrive at the clinic, we will try to place you into a consult room as soon as possible to ensure your privacy. One of our lovely reception staff will then come in and sort out the formalities such as signing of a consent form, payment of the bill and the decision regarding aftercare. We do it at this time, or before the visit, so that afterwards you are able to leave straight away without having to wait around in reception. You have three options for the aftercare of your pet; their body can be returned to you to take home and bury, we can organise medical burial or we can contact a pet cremation company of your choice such as Pet Rest, Little Treasures or Pets in Peace on your behalf.

After the formalities are taken care of you have the choice to leave your pet with us, in which case one of our nurses will hold and care for your pet just as they would their own until such time as they have passed away. Or you can choose to stay with your pet until the end. If you choose to stay, your pet will now be taken out into the treatment area by a nurse where an IV catheter will be placed in one of their legs to ensure the euthanasia agent can be administered in the least stressful manner. Once this has been done your pet will be returned to you so that you can hold and cuddle them while the vet administers the anaesthetic agent which allows them to pass away peacefully.

After your pet has passed away you are welcome to take as much time as needed to say your final goodbyes before leaving the clinic.

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