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Dedicated to providing advanced care, Chancellor Park Vet Surgery is a Fear Free clinic. An innovative concept in veterinary health care, the Fear Free method significantly reduces the stress your pet experiences during their visit. Heightened stress levels can affect the physiological systems, which are measured during your visit, reducing stress in your pet helps us accurately diagnose and treat them.

Being fear free affects the way we train our staff, the pheromones we use, and the music we play in our clinic.

All animals are handled in a gentle, force-free manner, with plenty of treats to make the visit a more positive experience. Those who have animals that are highly stressed, are given the option to receive pre-visit pharmaceuticals before the visit to reduce any fear or anxiety. 

What are PVPs? 
Pre-visit pharmaceuticals or PVPs are medications we prescribe for anxious and fearful pets to help calm them during visits to the vet.

What medication is used?
Gabapentin for cats and a Gabapentin/Trazodone combination for dogs. Gabapentin is an anxiolytic medication and Trazodone is a mild sedative with anxiolytic properties.

Why do we use PVPs?
We use this medication to help make vet visits less scary for our patients. Coming to the clinic can be very stressful and some cats and dogs can become quite anxious and fearful. This can make examination hard for us, terrifying for the patient and upsetting for the owner. After having PVPs your pet will still be able to walk but may be a little sleepy for a few hours. We feel that the benefits of a happier, calmer pet are worth a bit of extra sleep time.

The first dose we give is considered a trial dose. The next dose may be adjusted according to how they respond to the first dose. The medication can be mixed with a small amount of tasty food if required. PVPs need to be given 2-3 hours prior to the vet visit. Very fearful pets can have a loading dose the night before the visit as well as the dose 2-3 hours before the visit.

If you would like pre-visit pharmaceuticals to be prescribed to your pet before it's next visit, simply fill out our online form CLICK HERE

Please allow minimum of three working days, if the medication is required urgently, please call the Surgery directly.


If we have not seen your pet recently and/or do not have reasonable knowledge of their condition, or have not previously agreed that long term medication is required, we may need to perform a check up before we can provide you with more medications for your pet. If this is the case we will contact you upon receiving your order.

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