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Medical imaging involves the use of technology to take images of the inside of your animal. These images are used to help the vet determine the reason for your pet's illness or for pregnancy diagnosis. The goal of medical-imaging is to provide information about the inside of the body in a way which is as non-invasive as possible.

What is Ultrasonography?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that involves sending sound waves

into the body and recording the signals that are reflected back. These sound waves are

converted to an image with varying shades of white through to black on the machine's

screen. From this a veterinarian is able to view, in great detail, the external and internal

details of body organs such as the heart, liver and uterus. Where an radiograph may

reveal that an internal mass is present, an ultrasound may be able to determine if

the mass is solid, fluid filled, attached to a specific organ as well as the shape and

size of the mass. Ultrasound can also be used to determine whether a queen

or bitch is pregnant.




What is Radiography?

The X-ray machine is a particularly useful diagnostic tool.  It allows the user to take a

internal image of the patient. The resulting shades of grey can be interpreted by a

veterinarian as the animal's bones, organs, and internal matter. At Chancellor Park

Veterinary Surgery we have dedicated x-ray facilities on site. The x-ray machine is

fully adjustable enabling us to take high quality x-rays on any size pet from the smallest

rat or bird, to the largest dog breeds.

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