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If you have been in to the surgery the chances are you have already met our lovely vet nurse Amanda and her gorgeous golden retriever - Bailey. Recently, at the age of 14, Bailey had an ultrasound which revealed she had a mass on her spleen that was bleeding, she was prepped for emergency surgery to have her spleen removed, and unfortunately for Bailey, after testing the results were that the mass was cancerous. Her cancer is called Hemangiosarcoma, a cancer of the blood vessel. Dogs, as with Bailey, typically don’t show any clinical signs until the tumor ruptures and the dog collapses. Often with metastasis already present. Bailey had chemo therapy and recovered well. So Amanda decided to take Bailey on a holiday to Cairns expecting it to be their last. However, against all the odds, Bailey will turn 15 on Monday!

Bailey had an early birthday celebration on the weekend, with a Halloween beach themed party in the park at Coolum with eight of her closest friends!

Bailey is now 10 months past surgery and going well!

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Bailey's Story

Bailey was born on the 30th of October 2002 on a property in Kingaroy, where she spent the first 6 weeks of her life, growing in to a cute, fluffy bundle of joy!

Bailey wasn’t able to find a forever home in Kingaroy and was sent to the breeder’s friend in Brisbane to try to find a home. Our vet nurse Amanda was on holidays in Brisbane visiting family, and after recently losing her two year old Border Collie x Labrador Maggie to a snake bite, Amanda was ready to find a new friend. After a lot of searching she found Bailey.

Bailey was living in terrible conditions, a filthy collapsible crate in a suburban shed - this is not the puppy you should ever buy. Lucky for Bailey, Amanda came to the rescue!

Bailey settled in to farm life in Victoria with the sheep, horses, cows, chickens, rabbits, and cats, and attended doggy boot camp where she really excelled. Bailey started going into schools, hospitals and nursing homes to help with educational programs and loves all the attention she receives on theses outings. Bailey is now registered as a AVA Pet Pep member. (Australian Veterinary Association Pets and People Education Program) also trained as a therapy dog.

After living on the farm, and then in Brisbane city, Bailey found herself on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, and turned in to a real beach bum. Bailey does not like to be alone so Amanda takes her on pet friendly holidays, and Bailey has traveled all over!

As Bailey gets older she is unable to exercise as much as she once did, but that has not stopped Amanda from taking her places. Bailey has a pram that she sits in during outings and in August this year Bailey completed the Sunshine Coast Marathon 10km run and even received a medal!

Bailey has had such an amazing life, and has been apart of so much, and we are all so happy to have her in ours.

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