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Maintaining good dental health in your pet is a lifelong commitment. Dogs have 42 permanent teeth and cats have 30 permanent teeth to chew with, and they need to be well looked after. Unfortunately, dental disease is on of the most common conditions diagnosed in companion animals. 80% of dogs over the age of the 3 years already show signs of gum disease.

Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery offer for the month of February;

  • Free 5 minute dental checks

  • 10% OFF dentals

  • 10% OFF all dental products

Common signs of a dental problem:

  • Decreased appetite

  • Unwillingness to eat hard food

  • Drooling

  • Bad breath

  • Plaque or tartar build up on teeth

  • Swollen, red or bleeding gums

  • Missing or broken teeth

  • Weight loss

  • Pawing at mouth

What may happen during a veterinary dental procedure:

  • General anaesthetic

  • Oral examination

  • Radiographs (depending on outcomes of assessment)

  • Teeth scaling to remove tartar and plaque

  • Teeth polish

  • Gum irrigation to remove debris and remaining polishing paste

  • Assessment of abnormal gum pockets

  • Tooth and gum procedures depending on findings

  • Administration of pain relief and antibiotics where required

Take advantage of this special offer and call the clinic to book today 0754455288


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