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Warning ⚠️ Toxic Mushrooms are popping up after the rain. We are warning pet owners to supervise their pets while outside as toxic mushrooms have been sprouting after the recent rains. Dogs are inquisitive and often eat things they shouldn’t. This includes mushrooms! The recent rain and humidity has caused a spike in the growth of fungi this includes mushrooms and toadstools. If you see your pet eating fungi, please stop them, call your vet immediately. It is best to bring your pet and a sample of the offending fungi with you.

Do not try to induce vomiting at home. The degree of danger to your pets depends on the type of fungi eaten, how much was eaten and time until treatment is started. While some will only cause mild gastro signs some can cause life threatening seizures and liver failure.

Signs of toxicity can include: Vomiting Drooling Lethargy Diarrhoea Muscle tremors, shaking, seizures Altered mental state, dull, depressed Collapse

If you would like any more information please feel free to call us during clinic hours on 0754455288


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